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Book Reviews

“Many people, businesses and public sector organisations are in a state of gloom and despair at the moment, consequent of the global financial and economic situation. What is it that can lift this mood and inject a sense of energy and urgency into them? In a few words – this book by Genevieve de Lacaze.

Genevieve emphasises and explains, in depth, the importance of “passion” in running and developing  businesses  and how such passion can transform both the businesses and the lives of individuals involved.

We are used to thinking about passion in terms of pleasure and excitement but it isn’t always like that. While passion can often involve excitement, people will inevitably suffer pain, frustration even exasperation and having a passion for what you do will help you get through this. Read this book. It may change your life, your business, or your organisation.”

Professor Malcolm Prowle is Professor of Business Performance at Nottingham Business School and a visiting research professor at the Open University Business School. He is co-author of “Public services and financial austerity: Getting out of the hole” which looks at the impact on public services of the financial and economic crisis.



“Laced with anecdotes and examples Genevieve weaves a literary journey through the twists and turns of the paths of personal development. She illuminates the journey with the personal stories and wisdom of those who have faced, changed and achieved in their chosen fields.

Entertaining and erudite, this text pulls together the threads and wraps it neatly into its theme of Passion Pays.”

Geoff Hinsley, Facilitator



“Genevieve de Lacaze is a passionate coach who is committed to helping her clients achieve their personal and professional goals. In her first book, Passion Pays, she wants to spread her message of personal success as a basis for the global good. She has interviewed people who are living their lives passionately, whether it be for a business or an environmental cause, as part of her extensive research for this book. The interviewees are inspirational, positive role models, who show how it’s done. Genevieve’s enthusiasm for her subject shows in her writing. The book inspires and encourages creative thought. It is ideal reading for everyone but especially people who are either at the start of their careers or people who are going through a career or life change.”

Sidra Shaukat is a freelance author, writer, broadcaster and blogger.